3 OC candidates Saints should target (and 2 they shouldn't) in 2024

Pete Carmichael needs to go.
Buffalo Bills, Ken Dorsey
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Avoid: Mike Kafka, Quarterbacks Coach, New York Giants

Prior to the 2022 season, one of the hotter, up-and-coming names in the coordinator conversation was Mike Kafka. Hired on under new head coach Brian Daboll, in New York, many believed that Kafka could be next in line to become a bright, successful offensive coordinator. And, after watching the Giants surprise us in 2022, that narrative only grew.

But, I wouldn't be too comfortable bringing Kafka into New Orleans just yet. The Giants' offense has still had plenty of struggles. Granted, their offensive line has been atrocious and they still don't have a solidified receiving core. But, even the Giants' 2022 season wasn't anything other-worldly. It was a surprising, positive story, sure. But, the unit still finished 18th in yards per game and 15th in scoring -- and that was with Daniel Jones rarely turning the football over, compared to previous years.

When the Saints hire their new offensive coordinator, I would prefer it to be someone who has had upper-echelon type of success elsewhere, not just middling production. Kafka still has the potential to be a great coordinator, but I do think he may need a little more time.