3 OC candidates Saints should target (and 2 they shouldn't) in 2024

Pete Carmichael needs to go.
Buffalo Bills, Ken Dorsey
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Target: Kellen Moore, Offensive Coordinator, Los Angeles Chargers

After watching what happened to the Los Angeles Chargers on national television just a couple of days ago, you might wonder why in the world the Saints would target a member of their staff. Well, let me explain. Sit tight.

First and foremost, the Chargers have been victim of poor coaching at the top. Brandon Staley has long been the problem in L.A., not Moore. The organization's failures go beyond what you might see in a box score.

Justin Herbert is a great quarterback. Kellen Moore is a great offensive mind. The two of them have seen countless injuries around them -- more than most offenses have seen in recent years. Thursday night, Moore was working with a quarterback that hadn't taken a snap in three years and had Jalen Guyton, Josh Palmer and Quentin Johnston as his top receivers.

When Moore was in Dallas, he was leading one of the league's top offenses that was a well-balanced attack, too. Is Derek Carr as good as Dak Prescott? Of course not. But, Dak's success, a couple of years ago, came in part due to Moore's ability to scheme his weapons open. It made things easier on Dak, in the end.

If Moore can come in and do the same for Carr, and if the Saints can add a little more talent to the offense as a whole, New Orleans would be thankful to have him.