3 OC candidates Saints should target (and 2 they shouldn't) in 2024

Pete Carmichael needs to go.

Buffalo Bills, Ken Dorsey
Buffalo Bills, Ken Dorsey / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Target: Ken Dorsey

If you ask any honest Buffalo Bills fan, they will tell you that former offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey was not the reason why the team had been struggling. In fact, the term "scapegoat" has been coined several times in reference to Dorsey's firing earlier in the year. Head coach Sean McDermott is still the main culprit for both the offense and defense coming up short and playing undisciplined football.

Prior to his firing, Dorsey had been looked at as a potential head coaching candidate. At this point, he'll likely need to land another coordinator gig before he gets to that level. While that's unfortunate for Dorsey, it could work to the Saints' advantage.

As a former NFL quarterback himself, Dorsey understands the most important position in the game, and would mesh well with a veteran like Carr. If you want undeniable proof that Dorsey wasn't the guy to fire, just know that the Bills' offense was already top-7 in terms of yardage and scoring before he was let go. Last season, the Bills finished as the league's no. 2 offense in yards per game and in scoring.