3 nightmare scenarios for Saints and how to avoid them

  • A suspension incoming?
  • Same old, same old WR issue?
  • Will the division prove to be tougher than expected?
New Orleans Saints, Alvin Kamara
New Orleans Saints, Alvin Kamara / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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2. Michael Thomas doesn't live up to even the smallest expectations

Look, at this point, many Saints fans are just tired of Michael Thomas. They are tired of the injuries and the headache that has followed his career for the last few years. Thomas has not played a full season since 2019, and has appeared in just 10 games over the last three campaigns.

At this stage, the Saints need to start planning ahead. In some fans' minds, a nightmare scenario would be if Thomas either gets hurt again, or if he simply doesn't live up to minimal expectations.

First of all, to avoid the major disappointment, fans should temper their expectations. We cannot afford to expect much of anything out of the veteran wideout, because chances are good that we'll be disappointed.

Second, and the best option to avoid the disappointment, would be to truly count on Chris Olave as being the team's alpha wide receiver. Making him the legitimate WR1 on this team should be an option that this offense has already considered, and likely is already assuming, to be honest.

Olave is the future, at this point. Thomas' best days are likely behind him, and if he can stay healthy, then sure, he'll be a fine WR2 or even WR3, depending on how he holds up. But, the point is, to avoid this nightmare, we need to temper expectations with Thomas.