NFC South QB power rankings heading into Week 1

Where does Derek Carr stand in a somewhat average NFC South quarterback room?
New Orleans Saints, Derek Carr
New Orleans Saints, Derek Carr / Chris Graythen/GettyImages
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2. Baker Mayfield, Bucs

Full disclosure: Bryce Young could leapfrog Baker Mayfield in a week's time, just as the rookie could find himself at the bottom like rookies can do at times. But for now, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to the veteran.

Mayfield is another former no. 1 overall pick, and I truly believe it was for a reason. Mayfield hasn't had a healthy season for a couple of years, and he also hasn't been in a system like Tampa's with the weapons he has at his disposal. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are two Pro Bowl talents for Mayfield to work with, with Evans being the biggest and best overall wide receiver he's gotten to throw to (yes, over Odell Beckham Jr.)

Mayfield is a talented quarterback, and I will die on that hill forever -- or at least until he falls flat on his face this season and proves me to be dead wrong.

In any event, the way he played during the preseason showed us that he's not done yet. Whether or not he leads the Bucs to a playoff berth, or even comes close to making a Pro Bowl, remains to be seen. Still, he checks in at no. 2 right now.