Saints catching Giants on their schedule at the worst time

Tommy DeVito, New York Giants
Tommy DeVito, New York Giants / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

While the New Orleans Saints are coming off of a comfortable victory, the Saints next opponent is coming at a pretty bad time all things considered.

The New Orleans Saints got a much needed within the division last week. Granted, the Carolina Panthers are a bit of a tomato can, but a multi-score, double-digit win against a divisional opponent is nothing to sneeze at. One would think the Saints would be riding high and in a good spot to continue to roll in their next game. Unfortunately though, that may not be the case.

In the Saints win, James Hurst had to separate Erik McCoy and Derek Carr from getting into a full-blown donnybrook coming off of the field, and it's reflective of the larger problem that the Saints starting quarterback is apparently losing the locker room. A win is a win, but we can't act like it didn't come with some collateral damage.

Meanwhile, the Saints opponent this week, the New York Giants, look to be the polar opposite. They've won three straight games, and are being led by third-string quarterback Tommy DeVito, who basically looks like who you would picture when you think of New Jersey. As a result, this new Linsanity-like movement is sweeping through both New York, and the NFL world as a whole.

Now, we don't know if this ends up like Linsanity and is a flash in the pan, or the real deal. The point is though, the Saints find themselves on the tracks with this train heading for them. On paper, they should be fine, but games aren't played on paper.

In football, like all sports, you always have to take the #vibes of teams into account, especially when it comes to momentum, and man oh man, are these teams on opposite ends of the spectrum at the moment, despite the Saints coming off of a fairly sizable victory.

We still have to look at the glass on our tables as being half-full, and that the New Orleans Saints will come away with a win to keep pace in the NFC South. We'd be lying though if we said that this opponent at this time was no big deal, and we should just forget about it. Hopefully many get introduced to some good ol' fashioned Cajun cooking.

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