Saints have leading Pro Bowl vote-getter at their position

Rashid Shaheed, New Orleans Saints
Rashid Shaheed, New Orleans Saints / Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin /

The New Orleans Saints have a player leading the league in Pro Bowl votes at their position. Given how the Saints season has gone, it's a bit unexpected.

It's no secret to anybody that the 2023 season has been something of a disappointment for the New Orleans Saints. Given the expectations for this team entering the season, especially looking at the NFC South, the Saints sitting at 5-7 tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for second in the division (with the Saints technically in third place) is no doubt taking the wind out of a lot of sails from fans in the Big Easy,

Despite that, the Saints still have a player that is above all else at their position when it comes to Pro Bowl votes to this point. That Saints player? Why it's none other than Rashid Shaheed.

Now granted, the young, speedy wide receiver is the top vote-getter as a return man, but hey, votes are votes. No doubt his house call on a punt in Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers is playing a part in this.

It's also worth noting that return men getting categorized as such for votes is a little weird since the Pro Bowl isn't an actual football game anymore, but rather just fun and games like dodgeball and flag football. It also doesn't help that it's become more and more of a joke to many in recent years. That said, being voted as one is still something to put on a legacy resume for players.

In other news related to Rashid Shaheed, he still hasn't practiced this week, leaving his status for the New Orleans Saints actual game coming up against the Carolina Panthers in question. So there's that. Still, support for him is in order, as this is certainly deserved. Hey, you gotta take the wins where you can get them in a season like this.