4 New Orleans Saints on the hot seat for Week 15

New Orleans Saints, Derek Carr
New Orleans Saints, Derek Carr / Chris Graythen/GettyImages
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3. Pete Carmichael

The Saints' offense has been one of the more wildly inconsistent groups in football this year, and offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael is mostly to blame. First of all, can we figure out what we're doing with Taysom Hill, once and for all?

Is he going to be a big part of this game plan or not? Is he going to be part of the rushing attack? The receiving game? Quarterback?

At this point, Carmichael needs to make a decision. If you ask me, let's allow Derek Carr to play quarterback, first and foremost. Second, get Hill the ball quickly and creatively and allow him to plow defenders en route to gaining yards. But, quit going back and forth in deciding whether or not he's going to be part of the game plan.

Carmichael is firmly on the hot seat and has been all year long. If he doesn't change things up drastically, he's a goner at season's end. The Saints need to put up points and look somewhat good doing so. That's on Carmichael, and it shouldn't be all that difficult. Put the ball in Alvin Kamara's hands 20 times a game, set up play action and allow your big playmaker Chris Olave to work.

Of course, it's on Carr, too.