Saints holding their second in-person meeting with Derek Carr a positive sign

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints will be holding a second meeting with the quarterback cash cow of 2023, with the Saints hoping to solve their quarterback mystery.

The New Orleans Saints most notably met with Derek Carr just before his release to see if a trade could be worked out with the Las Vegas Raiders for his services. Alas, no trade was worked out, and Carr is now the biggest quarterback fish in the free agency sea this offseason, and the Saints will have to try and outbid other teams to sign him, including those in the NFC South.

A case can be made that every team in the division's biggest need is quarterback. This includes the Carolina Panthers, who will be meeting in-person with Carr during the 2023 NFL Combine in Indianapolis. The New York Jets are another team meeting with Carr during the Combine, with potential for more.

Carr's Indy itinerary also includes the Saints.

While it was maybe discouraging for fans hoping for Carr to head to the Big Easy that a trade couldn't be worked out before free agency, all hope isn't lost. Carr has already met with both the Saints and Jets, and the fact that a second meeting is being had should be encouraging for fans.

Just because a trade wasn't worked out doesn't mean there isn't mutual interest. It was reported that both sides were intrigued by the notion of Carr coming to the Bayou. If they can cross their t's and dot their i's in Indianapolis, then the Saints may have their new franchise quarterback.

There's no denying it. The NFC South, and the NFC as a whole, isn't the strongest at the moment, particularly when it comes to quarterback. If the New Orleans Saints can rope in Derek Carr at the Combine, there's no reason they can't be right back in the mix.