3 former New Orleans Saints players we’re glad are gone, 2 we wish stayed

What's the verdict on these now-former Saints?

New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winston
New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winston / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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Two Saints players we wish could have stuck around

Jameis Winston, QB

How do you not miss a guy like Jameis Winston? First of all, he's a media darling. He's never short on notable moments when there's a camera in his face. The guy is pure entertainment. Of course, the way his last snap as a Saint went down likely had much to do with the team not bringing him back.

But, the guy was a good teammate. You can't say otherwise. Teammates liked him. He was fun to be around and a pretty positive guy. Not to mention, he can still sling it. As a backup quarterback, it doesn't get much better than Jameis. He will definitely be missed.

Zack Baun, LB

Last year, Zack Baun started a career-high six games for the Saints and notched his first-ever NFL sack. He finished the year with a pair of sacks, two pass breakups and even came up with an interception. Baun had mostly been a special teams ace over his career, having played over 80 percent of possible snaps on that side of the ball over the last two seasons.

Signing in Philadelphia on a modest 2-year, $7 million contract hurt the Saints. This was a good player lost for pennies. New Orleans is going to miss Baun, who's been a guy that's simply consistent at what he does, whether it's filling in on defense or being a staple on special teams.