Could Saints be a fit for fresh free agent DeAndre Hopkins?

DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals
DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

There's a new stud free agent, and fans of every team are making their case. Could the New Orleans Saints be a match? Let's see what the Saints have to offer.

Just when you think there's a lull in the NFL conversation, breaking news comes at the perfect time. Never a dull moment. The latest and greatest update came with the announcement that the Arizona Cardinals not traded, but outright released wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Naturally, as is tradition with this kind of news, fans of every franchise talks themselves into why they would sign with their team, and the New Orleans Saints are no exception. With that being the case, let's dive into it. Could Hopkins be a fit with the Saints?

You know it's funny, Hopkins appeared on the I AM ATHLETE podcast mere days before this new broke, and gave his list of the top five quarterbacks he'd love to play with, which is kind of weird in hindsight but even more so now.

So, ok. This isn't exactly BREAKING new. Hopkins' list is basically an ARGUABLE list of the top five at the position in football. The Saints don't exactly have that in their guy Derek Carr, but Carr is probably a top five quarterback in the NFC, so the Saints do have that going for them.

The Saints also have a talented roster, especially on offense, where Hopkins and the rest of the team, could benefit. Could you imagine what the young guns like Chris Olave and Rashid Shaheed could do when defenses have rto focus on a wide receiver the caliber of Hopkins, and vise versa? That certainly couold be enticing for all parties involved. It would give the Saints a huge boost in the weak NFC South, and weak NFC.

It may be a long-shot, but unlike the teams wit the quarterbacks Hopkins listed, the Saints went from one of the worst salary cap situations to one of the best, so never say never. The New Orleans Saints are a fit for DeAndre Hopkins, but whether or not it actually happens remains to be seen.