Saints address present and future needs in final seven-round mock

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Wesley Kennedy Iii, Darrell Luter Jr.
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Saints seventh-round pick: Darrell Luter Jr. - Cornerback (South Alabama)

Last but not least, with their second pick in the seventh round, and final in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Saints should patch up the secondary a bit, especially with so many question marks surrounding the quarterbacks of the NFC South. They will want to make life on the other three teams in the division as difficult as possible.

At 6 feet flat and almost 190 pounds, Darrell Luter Jr. out of South Alabama is the type of long corner with big hands that is a perfect fit for NFL defenses

The position of corner may not be a dire need for the Saints, but it is a slight one nonetheless, so the end of the Draft is a perfect place for them to address it. Luter would be able to learn from the veteran players in the secondary, and could be a diamond in the rough for the Saints.

At the end of the day, no one knows what is going to happen when the 2023 NFL Draft (finally) kicks off on the evening April 27th. That's the fun though, and part of that fun is trying to guess what each team will do. In the case of the New Orleans Saints, this is our best guess, and a guess that we think could set them up for success in both the present, and the future.