Saints address present and future needs in final seven-round mock

2018 NFL Draft
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Saints second-round pick: Siaki Ika - Defensive Tackle (Baylor)

Staying with the theme of the trenches, the Saints continue to reload from the inside-out by taking the gargantuan defensive tackle Siaki lka from Baylor.

The defensive front for the Saints has been gutted by the mayhem that comes with NFL free agency, but such is life. They were able to retain some of their own, while also bringing in outside pierces for depth.

As such, they may be lacking the talent on the outside that other teams have, but that's where Ika comes in.

Ika is a mountain of a man at about 6-feet-4-inches and 358 pounds, and has not only the size and strength, but the agility to take on two-to-three blockers on the inside, and allow the pass-rushers, and as a bonus the linebackers, to hunt the ball more freely.

This man, nay, this colossus, will be able to buy the Saints more time to rebuild their defensive front with his style of play. Opinions are still split on where he may fall in the draft, but the Saints would be wise to scoop him up when the opportunity presents itself. With that being the case, the Saints may even be able to trade back and acquire more assets and capital to play with, and still be able to draft this Tongan titan.

Games are won and lost in the trenches, and this would be a perfect start to the Draft for the Saints.