Do the Saints even need to bring in another veteran running back?

Alvin Kamara, Jamaal Williams, New Orleans Saints
Alvin Kamara, Jamaal Williams, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot of noise surrounding the New Orleans Saints and a free agent running back. This begs the question though, is this even necessary for the Saints?

It was reported this week that two free agents, running back Kareem Hunt and linebacker Anthony Barr, were in the Big Easy to visit the New Orleans Saints, and were expected to sign with the Saints when the visits came to a conclusion. Well, despite all of that, both ended dup leaving without a deal, and Hunt even ended up visiting the Indianapolis Colts immediately after.

Hunt left Indy without a contract as well, and we're going to stick with him and his position. This whole snafu got us thinking, do the Saints really need to bring in another running back?

Everybody knew that there was a suspension coming for the star running back the Saints already have in Alvin Kamara. As such, Mickey Looms and company planned accordingly by signing free agent Jamaal Williams, whose 17 touchdowns with the Detroit Lions led the entire NFL a year ago, and drafted Kendre Miller out of TCU in the third round of this year's draft.

Both have hard-nosed running styles, and are expected to compliment Kamara with great aplomb.

Kamara is the do-it-all back that excels in the passing game, while the other two carry the load on the ground with some heavy lifting.

Now, we know that Kamara will miss three games, and there's little reason to doubt that Williams and Miller can't carry the load in his absence. So is another running back really needed? Especially when you consider that Hunt is a very similar running back stylistically as Kamara.

You can never have too many weapons at your disposal in today's NFL, but given the headache that has already come with this situation with the New Orleans Saints, is an extra veteran body in the running back room really worth it? Training camp is underway with preseason on the horizon, and the team features a good mix of veteran and youngsters at the position. Perhaps it may be best to leave well enough alone in this case, but you can never say never in the world of the NFL.

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