Why Saints should draft a quarterback at some point this year

Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints signed who they hope is their next franchise quarterback. That doesn't mean the Saints can't still draft one at the same time.

The first real headline of the 2023 NFL offseason came when the New Orleans Saints signed Derek Carr. The hope is that Carr will be their franchise quarterback of the present that they've bene looking for since Drew Brees retired.

Even though Carr has a good chance to be just that, especially in this weak NFC and even weaker NFC South, that doesn't mean the Saints can't still prepare for the future.

It's no secret that the Saints could have done a better job preparing for life after Brees. Granted, Sean Payton essentially quitting on the team didn't help matters. With that said, the Saints have a chance to right that wrong in a sense, by putting themselves in a better position by planning for all scenarios like Dr. Strange.

There's no harm in the Saints drafting quarterback this year outside of the first round, especially considering this is a fairly deep class of quarterbacks throughout all rounds. They've already brought Hendon Hooker in for a visit, and there are seasoned college veterans with winning pedigrees like Stetson Bennett, just as a couple examples.

The Saints have only drafted a quarterback in the first round once in their franchise history, and that was as guy by the name of Manning. As in, Archie Manning. In 1971. While that is an entire issue in itself, that trend doesn't appear to be bucking anytime soon.

Even still, the New Orleans Saints can still prepare for life post-Derek Carr by drafting a quarterback they can develop in their building. That player can even come in for backup situations as well. It's a win for all sides when you really think about it, and one the Big Easy would be wise to explore if they want to make their lives a bit easier.

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