Is this the year that Saints draft and develop their own quarterback?

2018 NFL Draft, New Orleans Saints
2018 NFL Draft, New Orleans Saints / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

If the New Orleans Saints are to (finally) draft a quarterback to develop, this would be the year, especially since the Saints wouldn't need to "go all in".

It's no secret that the New Orleans Saints aren't a franchise that drafts quarterbacks often. Granted, when Saints fans have had the luxury of watching Drew Brees play quarterback in the Big Easy the last decade and a half, it's easy to look the other way at this.

Of course the other more "fruitful" times in Saints history came with something of a retread quarterback behind center. Bobby Hebert and Aaron Brooks are two such quarterbacks that come to mind.

Other than that, the Saints have drafted a quarterback with their first-round pick ONCE in their 56-year history. That was a guy by the name of Manning, but like, Archie Manning. As in, the sire Peyton and Eli. That was also all the way back in 1971, so yeah, it's been a while since the Saints were really gung-ho about developing a quarterback in-house.

If the Saints are to buck the trend, this would be the year to do it.

Now, this isn't saying the Saints should take a quarterback with their 29th overall pick in the first round, though that is certainly something that's on the table. They have too big of a need in the trenches, on both sides. However, they can always take one later on, and develop him in their building while he sits and waits behind Derek Carr. Worst case scenario, he's a solid backup should anything go south.

Other than the quarterbacks constantly being talked about going early in the first round, there are other signal callers that would be worthy of a selection to mold and groom such as Hendon Hooker and Stetson Bennett. It's a great low-risk/high-reward scenario.

There is also the possibility that the Saints can trade out of the first round for an early or extra second-round pick (or even future first) and take the quarterback there. You can't rule anything out, especially this time of year.

While the New Orleans Saints don't draft quarterbacks to develop often, this trend may be coming to an end sooner rather than later, and possibly as soon as the 2023 NFL Draft.

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