3 difficult roster decisions Saints must make before Week 1

What decisions could Saints coaches be toying with prior to Week 1?
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Going into the 2023 campaign, the New Orleans Saints look a bit different than they did last year.

Instead of treading water, this unit is definitely in place to try and make a run at the NFC South title. It all begins and ends with how Derek Carr performs as the team's new quarterback, of course. But, there are other big questions.

Does Michael Thomas not only stay healthy but bounce back? Is Alvin Kamara still the same guy? Can the defense return to form?

Those are some broad questions, but beyond those, there are a few other decisions the coaches must make this summer, and before Week 1 arrives.

The Saints are keeping three quarterbacks, right?

We're going to start with the least of concerns, here. This doesn't necessarily seem like too difficult of a decision, but the question has to be asked. The Saints have Derek Carr and Jameis Winston as their starter and backup. That's pretty set in stone.

But, they also drafted Jake Haener out of Fresno State this year in the fourth round. If they were to take a gamble on cutting him and stashing him on the practice squad, there's a good chance he gets scooped up during waivers by another team.

Haener isn't guaranteed a thing beyond playing third string during training camp, and crazier things have happened than cutting a fourth-round pick. But, he does indeed stick around as the team's third quarterback, right? It seems likely.