Saints declining offensive lineman's fifth-year option no surprise

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints
Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints declined the fifth-year option for one of their guards, in a move that really shouldn't shock Saints fans when you dive into it.

On Monday it was announced that the New Orleans Saints would decline the fifth-year option for their 2020 first-round pick, Cesar Ruiz. Ruiz has been solid if unspectacular for the Saints during his brief career, but you'd be forgiven if you expected more from a 24th overall draft pick.

Let's start this out by saying, this writer is actually a fan of Ruiz, especially his versatility. He stepped up and played center for four games when Erik McCoy suffered a calf inuury, before moving back to his normal spot at right guard. He's a solider, but sometimes that doesn't always cut it in the NFL. As they like to remind everyone, this is a buisiness after all.

The writing was on the wall when the Saints made it known that they would be looking to upgrade the interior of their offensive lines, with Ruiz up for a potential extension (that looks unlikely now) and the future of Andrus Peat also clouded in mystery. The drafting of guard Nick Salvideri out of Old Dominion really drove the point home as well.

The fact of the matter is, it looks like we have some competition brewing for the starting guard spots for both the present, and the future. Ruiz is going to have to prove his worth in the Big Easy, with a declined fifth-year option coupled with an incoming rookie nipping at his heels both now in play.

Cesar Ruiz is a good player, but the Saints need more, and very well could get it. The thing is, while the New Orleans Saints declining his fifth-year option is news, fans really should have seen this coming down the pike.