Saints decision to stick with Dennis Allen emblematic on a larger issue

Dennis Allen, Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Dennis Allen, Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints decision to stay put with their head coach has been met with skepticism. Mainly because it’s a perfect example of the Saints problems. 

Like it or not, Dennis Allen will be staying on as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. The front office seems to like it, as judging by the lengths they’re going through to defend Allen, most notably General Manager Mickey Loomis. Saints fans seem to not like it. It’s also easy to see why they’re frustrated, as this decision is the clearest example of the biggest issue with this franchise.  

This isn’t saying that Allen can’t coach. It’s actually far from it. He is a good coach, especially defensively. He just may not be THE coach, especially or this franchise. 

In simplest terms, it’s well past due that the Saints move on from the Sean Payton and Drew Brees era. Yes, it was the greatest and most fruitful in franchise history, but it’s over. 

After the retirement of Brees and the conveniently-timed exit of Payton, the decision to promote then-defensive coordinator Allen to head coach made sense on the surface from where the organization was coming from. Allen did a solid job in the role, and the team wanted to see if they can carry into momentum into the new era. In fewer words, they were having a hard time letting go, and wanted to squeeze out any success they could. Easier said than done.

Basically, the Saints decision to essentially double down and stick with Allen is reflective of how this franchise operates, to their detriment. They seemingly refuse to venture into full-rebuild mode, and instead try to make moves here and there to try and stay the course, even when the course isn't exactly in calm waters. It's like putting a bandaid onto a felsh wound.

Here is another perfect example. Did you know that the Saints have drafted a quarterback in the first round one time? ONCE. That quarterback was a kid named Manning, as in, Archie Manning. In 1971. So, maybe of the franchise really does want to turn over a new leaf, perhaps start there. Of course, another course of action would then to bring in an offensive-minded head coach. However considering that Pete Carmichael was relieved of his duties as offensive coordinator while Allen is staying on board, don't hold your breath.

Again, this isn't saying that Dennis Allen is a bad coach, or even that Derek Carr is a bad quarterback. Far from it in fact. What this is saying however, is that the New Orleans Saints need to do what they've been seemingly allergic to doing, and rebuilding, so that they can get back to their glory years, without desparately trying to cling onto them. It really is sad that 2024 already looks like it may be almost identical to 2024, but anything can happen.