Why Saints should be cautiously optimistic moving forward

New Orleans Saints react after an interception
New Orleans Saints react after an interception / Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints are riding high after their 34-0 thrashing of the New England Patriots. Despite that, the Saints need to make sure they stay grounded.

In a lot of ways, the New Orleans Saints absolute demolition job of the New England Patriots by a score of 34-0 was exactly what the doctor ordered. The Saints seemed somewhat directionless to this point in the season, and beating up on another NFL team was the perfect remedy to get this talented team back on the right track.

With all of that being said, the Saints need to make sure they don't get too high on their own supplly and stay focused on moving forward. While no wins in the National Football League come easy, the Patriots are very possibly the worst team in the league, and that showed on Sunday. Of course, when you're supposed to be a good team playing a weak one, you're supposed to beat up on them, and the Saints did just that.

Looking at this week though, some would have potentially circled this game with the Houston Texans as an easy win coming into the season. We hate to break it to everyone, that is not the case. The Saints will be traveling to Houston to play a young and hungry ball-club led by a rookie quarterback in C.J. Stroud, that looks like he could be the truth, and has a chance to buck the Buckeye trend of failed Ohio State NFL quarterbacks.

Fortunately, the Saints defense is still elite, and could very well rattle the young signal caller. Both teams find themselves looking up in their division standings by the slimmest of margains, so this game should be played with a lot of passion, and the Saints need to be prepared.

The New Orleans Saints look like they may have turned the corner. However, under no circumstances should they rest on their laurels and assume it'll be smooth sailing. They still need to protect Derek Carr, who is already banged up, and the rest will come. For now though, it's a good start, just make sure to not let up.