New Orleans Saints captains for 2023 season pretty much no-brainers

Demario Davis, Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints
Demario Davis, Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints have announced their team captains for 2023 as voted by their teammates, and it's hard to argue with the Saints choices on the matter.

While the NFL is unquestionably "America's Game", and may have even overtaken professional baseball as the "Great American Pastime" depending on who you ask, that doesn't mean they're above being influenced by other sports. For instance, a recent example is how it appears the league is slowly morphing into one with increased emphasis on player empowerment, with players able to pick and choose when and where they are traded to, like the NBA, for the most part. Another more brazen example over the last decade or so was how team captains wear the "C" on their jersey, like in the NHL. We now know who the New Orleans Saints selected to don the "C" in 2023, and one would be hard-pressed to take issue with the Saints choices.

The captains were voted on by their peers in an election, with democracy shining in its finest. On offense, new starting quarterback Derek Carr was voted as one, in something of a slam-dunk vote. After all, his leadership was never a question in his game and he is the new QB1 of the present, and hopefully the future. Erik McCoy joins him as on offensive captain which is tremendous because offenses can only go as far as the trenches allow.

As for the defense, you can probably guess.

Cameron Jordan, Demario Davis, and Tyrann Mathieu are your defensive captains of the Saints. The three veterans, in the three facets of the defense. Literally couldn't be more perfect if you tried. Special teams also gets some shine of course, with J.T. Gray and Zach Wood being the final two captains selected.

We are so close to the season we can almost taste it, and when these captains walk out for the coin toss for representing the 2023 New Orleans Saints, we've finally arrived.

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