Saints biggest game of their season to this point is on deck

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams
Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams / Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, every game is big for the New Orleans Saints. This upcoming tilt is the biggest so far, and with a Saints win they'll only get bigger as we go.

The New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams certainly have a notable history. At least as long as the Rams have been in LA. The Saints and Rams have matched up in big games before, and on Thursday Night Football, this will be the biggest game to date for the 2023 Saints.

The 7-7 Saints are currently in second place in the NFC South, but have the same record as the division-leading Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So obviously, with that being the case, every game is crucial from here on out. However, while many perceive the NFC South as the weakest division in football, more than one team can make the playoffs from the division.

Currently, the team that holds the seventh and final seed in the NFC playoff picture ALSO has a record of 7-7, which means the Saints are right there in the hunt. The team that holds that spot? The very Rams the Saints will take the field against on Thursday.

That's right. Despite all of the headaches that have come from this roller coaster season, and with the expectations that the Saints would need to win the division to get in the playoffs, a spot is right there for them to take if they want it. All they have to do is win.

Now of course, Matthew Stafford is currently cooking for the Rams, but Derek Carr is also starting to find something resembling a rhythm. That's pretty much the nicest thing we can say for now. Still, the Saints defense is starting to click like they did early in the season, which is a recipe for success, especially as the calendar year is about to turn over.

The New Orleans Saints have their biggest game of the year to this point on Thursday, where a Wild Card spot is essentially on the line. If they can get the win, they're only going to get bigger from here. One thing at a time though. There's business to attend to.