Saints should avoid this new free agent veteran quarterback option

Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders
Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Another veteran quarterback has hit the open market that the New Orleans Saints could potentially bring in, but it's a route the Saints should avoid taking.

The curious career of Carson Wentz continues, as he was recently been released by the Washington Commanders. Naturally, a talented veteran quarterback hitting the open market will cause fans and analysts alike to link them to a quarterback-needy team, such as the New Orleans Saints. Having said that, the Saints should choose a different path to go down.

There's no denying that Went has all of the "tools" from a talent and athleticism perspective. Of course, he also lacks the leadership intangible, which ultimately lead to the Philadelphia Eagles turning to Jalen Hurts (which has worked out pretty well), and the former number-two overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft flaming out with the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Commanders after one season with both.

Supporters will always turn to his 2017 season where he was the front-runner for the MVP before tearing his ACL. A case can still be made that he could have still won, considering his 33 touchdown passes was still second in the league to Russell Wilson's 34 that year. People forget that he was basically Patrick Mahomes before Patrick Mahomes, as teams fell in love with what he looked like and could mavbe be. The players ranked him 3rd on their top 100 list after all. His 2019 season was also impressive, where he basically willed a depleted Eagles team on his back to a division title.

However, the bad has far outweighed the good, and the Saints can't afford to bring in the type of quarterback who has injury concerns, and exacerbates it by holding onto the ball too long. They also can't afford to pay a quarterback who may be expecting something more than he's worth considering what teams have been paying him in recent years relative to the return they've gotten out of the investment.

Sure, it's easy to link Carson Wentz to the New Orleans Saints off the bat. That doesn't mean this match should come to fruition though, and they would be much better off looking elsewhere. They can't be yet another team to make the same mistake as others, and get what once was and could have been out of their heads.

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