Saints 7-Round Mock Draft: Two first-round trades lead to building the trenches

It wasn't the way we planned it, but New Orleans ends up with strong value.

New Orleans Saints, Mickey Loomis
New Orleans Saints, Mickey Loomis / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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CB. . 2. player. 448. Caelen Carson. . Caelen Carson. Caelen Carson.

The Saints would ideally like to find a slot cornerback this offseason, and Wake Forest's Caelen Carson has the versatility to play both inside and outside. Thus, they have found their next slot corner.

The six-foot Carson has a long, lean frame which is full of quick-twitch athletic ability. His footwork is one of the things that makes him so successful. It's also what will make him great in the slot. Being able to quickly react and get to where he needs to be is what he does best. He's also extremely physical, which will help against tight ends on occasion.

player. . Christian Mahogany. Christian Mahogany. 3. Christian Mahogany. . . G. 431

The Saints also need help at guard, and in the third round, they find a possible starter in Boston College's Christian Mahogany. At 6-foot-3, 322 pounds, Mahogany packs a punch. He's always looking to finish opposing linemen, which can also be a detriment to his game at times. He'll need to learn a bit more patience, but Mahogany has what you want in a starting guard.

He's a strong player with a firm base. He's going to move mountains in the run game and is formidable in pass blocking situations.