Saints 7-Round Mock Draft: Big trade gives Chris Olave a running mate

New Orleans Saints, Chris Olave
New Orleans Saints, Chris Olave / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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In Round 2, the Saints begin by attacking one position that is at the forefront of most fans' minds. Offensive tackle is definitely a concern. Maybe from the outside looking in, the average fan would think the Saints should be set with a pair of first-round tackles starting. But, both starting tackles have their question marks.

Trevor Penning has not developed as quickly as the Saints would have liked. The third-year pro out of Norther Iowa is in a pivotal season coming up. Meanwhile, the health of Ryan Ramczyk is certainly a concern. The Saints need to plan accordingly, which is why they select BYU offensive tackle Kingsley Suamataia here at no. 45 overall.

At 6-foot-5, 326 pounds, Suamataia has excellent size and length for the position. He's a smart player, too, with an ability to mirror and match a variety of pass rush moves and stay with them. The knack to be able to match whatever type of rush is coming at him is an underrated aspect of a tackle's game, and Suamataia can do that very well. He's versatile, and will adjust his game according to what type of pass rusher he's facing.

Ideally, Suamataia can help push Penning over the summer and also provide adequate insurance behind Ramczyk. He could potentially steal a job during camp, too.