Michael Thomas rallies troops to try and turn around Saints season

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints
Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

One of the more talented members of the New Orleans Saints roster gave a locker room speech to try and fire up the team and turn around the Saints season.

When it comes to Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints, the relationship has been, interesting, to say the least. When he's on the field for the Saints, Thomas has been brilliant to the point of the causing the NFL record books to be re-written. His 149 catches during the 2019 season is the quintessential example. The key part here is "when he's on the field" though.

Since that season, Thomas has missed a lot of football, for a pretty wide variety of reasons. It's caused some Saints fans and who knows in the building, to question the commitment of the ultra-talented wide receiver.

Having said that, Thomas appears to be putting some of those concerns to rest, because there's a whole batch of concerns surrounding this season. The offense has been struggling, and as a result, so is the team recently.

According to Jeff Duncan, who is quite connected as we know when it comes to the Saints, Thomas gave a firey speech to his teammates, coaches, and any and all support staff, whoever was around to listen, to try and galvanize the franchise and turn this season around. The highlight of the speech is below:

"That's not our standard. Don't get used to losing. That's not our culture. That's not what we do here"

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas

He has a point. Even with Drew Brees riding off into the sunset, the Saints have still been in the thick of things, even if they've been unremarkable. They haven't been downright bad. With that being the case, there certainly is a standard that Thomas is referencing.

The fact that this is coming from Michael Thomas of all people, should be an uplifting sign for fans of the New Orleans Saints. They recognize the problem, and ready to overcome the adversity and get to the playoffs.