Michael Thomas taken by police outside his home ahead of Saints next game

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints
Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints / Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The veteran wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints was seen being escorted by police outside of his house just days before the Saints take the field.

This New Orleans Saints season man. It seems that the Saints can't get out of their own way in making headlines, most of which have nothing to do with on-the-field, and often times when it does come to actual play, it's rarely in a glowing light.

That said, the Saints wide receiver room has been in the news again this week, as Michael Thomas is the latest Saints pass-catcher to be involved with police this season, joining the likes of Jimmy Graham and Chris Olave.

Now look, obviously all three are VASTLY different situations, and should be treated as such. Graham was reportedly a medical issue, what Olave did was just stupid, and while we're still waiting for more details to arise from what happened with Thomas, it appears that it was an issue of privacy as far as his side is concerned.

Thomas lives in a gated community, and has had issues with construction workers, among others, poking around his residence and cars etc. Things reached a boiling point, with the 2019 NFL Offensive Player of the Year throwing two bricks at a vehicle, and shoving a man.

No word yet on if any charges are being pressed, and all indications are that Thomas will be on the field when the Saints take on the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

This looks like it's just another chapter in the wild whacky story that is the 2023 New Orleans Saints season. Hopefully things cool down, and this eventually falls into the rearview mirror. At the very least, Michael Thomas should play some motivated football on Sunday, so there is that. For whatever it may be worth.