Curious case of Michael Thomas and the Saints continues with deleted tweets

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints
Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

The annoying saga of Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints continues, with the talented Saints receiver deleting tweets directed at NFL doctors.

You know it’s almost funny. Michael Thomas’ time with the New Orleans Saints has almost turned into something like an NFT (MfT?). When it’s time for the Saints to cash-in, the return is nothing short of spectacular such as his performance in a 2018 playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles or his 2019 Offensive Player of the Year season when he set a record with 149 receptions. The downside, the opportunities to cash-in have become too few and far between. 

Thomas has become more known for things he says off the field than the things he does on the field. His latest Twitter activity is just another example. 

It’s pretty easy to surmise that he’s throwing shade at the Saints. After all, it’s the only place he’s ever known as an NFL wide receiver, including dealing with MD professionals who worked tirelessly to get to where they are. For a player who flexes their muscles as much as Thomas, those are quite the jabs to duck after, but hey, bobbing and weaving works for some so who are we to judge?

It’s eventually going to beg the question (if it hasn’t already) of is Thomas worth it? Yes, he’s ultra talented, but the distractions have outweighed the production, not to mention the availability. Ever since that magical 2019 season, Thomas played seven games in 2020, none in 2021, and three in 2022. So given all of that, it may be time to cut bait. 

This isn’t even mentioning the Saints salary cap situation either. When you add all of this together, this very well could be the straw that breaks the camels back for Michael Thomas’ career as a member of the New Orleans Saints. It simply isn’t worth it.