Michael Thomas calls out Saints after Dennis Allen comments on Ryan Ramczyk’s injury

Former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is calling out the team’s medical staff after recent reports about right tackle Ryan Ramczyk.

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
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Michael Thomas is no longer a member of the New Orleans Saints, but he’s still doing his part to hold the team accountable. After head coach Dennis Allen announced that Ryan Ramczyk’s future was uncertain because his knee didn’t respond to surgery the way everyone hoped, Thomas immediately jumped on Twitter to accuse Allen and the Saints of covering up for a bad medical team.

Responding to Allen’s quote about Ramczyk, Thomas said, “it’s like he uses the same line and just changes the players name as if there isn’t a team doctor and trainers on staff that have nothing to do with it.” He went on to say the organization is trying to protect the medical team, calling them the real problem.

Thomas even dropped a screenshot of a previous instance when Dennis Allen discussed injuries that Thomas and Marshon Lattimore were battling. The purpose of the screenshot was to show that Allen is rinsing and repeating the same statement; all to protect the medical staff according to Michael Thomas.

Michael Thomas says Saints’ medical team is the real problem

Thomas has always been outspoken, especially in recent years as it became evident that his time in New Orleans was coming to an end. Fittingly, the beginning of the end of Thomas’ time with the Saints started with a weird injury situation, that led to him missing the entire 2021 season. From rehabbing his ankle to having surgery on it to having a setback, the situation created a rift between him and the organization.

Since then, Thomas has been sending shots at the organization and criticizing the medical team, and that continued Tuesday morning. However, as Thomas explained in his tweet, he no longer works for the Saints, so it’s no longer something he has to deal with. He’ll now be searching for a team and organization that he wants to be apart of.