When was the last time the New Orleans Saints were shut out?

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers
New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints went to San Francisco with the hopes of moving to 5-7 and attempting to salvage their season. That did not happen.

Instead of making it a close game against a tough team, the Saints stunk it up offensively and didn't put any points on the board. It was an embarrassing performance for the black and gold and the shut out loss is something that has not happened to this team in quite some time.

New Orleans Saints had not been shut out since 2002

To get to the last time the Saints failed to score any points in a game, you'd have to go back to before the Drew Brees and Sean Payton era began. Heck, you'd have to go even a few more years back before those two would come to the Big Easy.

The Saints last were shut out late in the 2001 season with a 38-0 thumping by the very same team that kept them off the scoreboard again this past week.

The Saints are not a good football team right now but at least we could still say they were scoring points and trying to be competitive. This week, the offense failed to do their job while the defense played quite well and tried to help their offense out as much as possible.

This somehow doesn't even feel like rock bottom for this team, however. In a year where nothing has gone right for the black and gold, why should we expect things to get better?

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It was an embarrassing result for an embarrassing team.