Lamar Jackson likes, then un-likes, tweet suggesting he joins NFC South

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens / G Fiume/GettyImages

Lamar Jackson had some rogue twitter fingers regarding his football future, and it directly affects the New Orleans Saints.

The football future of Lamar Jackson is arguably the hottest topic in these streets when it comes to the 2022 NFL offseason. As fate would have it, the present and future of the New Orleans Saints quarterback situation is a hot-button issue in the bayou. Given what has transpired on Twitter, Saints fans may want to take a gander.

Cat Crave, the FanSided-affiliated site dedicated to the Saints NFC South-rival Carolina Panthers, tweeted this picture out, and it's gotten some extra attention.

The unanimous 2019 NFL MVP Jackson has since un-liked the tweet, but where this smoke, there's usually fire, and to quote the criminally underrated movie Grandma's Boy "It smells like Cyrpus Hill concert in here."

Obviously, Jackson playing in the New Orleans has always been a pipe dream, to the point where some feel it's just a crazy illusion. However, if there's any weight to this, then Saints fans will potentially get to watch Jackson play in the Superdome, as a member of the Panthers.

This very well could be nothing, or it could be something. The point is we don't know a darn thing. With that said, the dogs days of summer are almost here, and we need something to go off of to scratch the itch.

The dog days of summer aren't quite here yet though, and the movers and shakers of the NFL are getting nice and limber before it's time to dance. Make no mistake about it, big moves are on the horizon, and it looks like the Saints may in fact be directly affected after all. Here's to hoping it's from another way, because this would be far from ideal for New Orleans Saints fans.