Jason Kelce strongly endorses newest Saints draft pick

"This dude is a f***ing beast."
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The New Orleans Saints look to have put together a solid draft class this year. They came away with seven new players and the analysts around the league were fans of what the Saints did with their picks.

Another fan of what the Saints did in the 2024 NFL Draft is Jason Kelce, former Philadelphia Eagles center and co-host of The New Heights Podcast with his brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The two discussed the draft on their recent episode of the podcast and Jason singled out Taliese Fuaga, the Saints' first-round pick out of Oregon State.

"There was a tackle got picked early out of Oregon State and I saw like one pass set and I was like" Kelce then nodded excitedly while Travis cut in saying he knew exactly who his brother was talking about. Jason continued, "And then I saw him completely demoralizing people after that and I was like "... This dude is a f**king beast. Taliese Fuaga, holy s**t."his dude is a f***ing beast. Taliese Fuaga, holy s***."

Jason Kelce loves what he sees from Taliese Fuaga

The funniest part of this clip is that neither brother knows who ended up taking Fuaga but all they can talk about is how impressive the Oregon State tackle looked in his highlight videos. The fact that Kelce was an NFL offensive lineman for 13 years and was so blown away by Fuaga's highlights should excite Saints fans.

Hopefully, this means that the Saints got a good one.

Kelce concludes with, "Taliese don't you f***ing disappoint!"

We can all agree with that.