Jaren Hall is an interesting Day 2 QB prospect for the Saints

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The New Orleans Saints are in one of the toughest spots in the league. The team is currently sitting at 3-7 after a horrendous loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road and would be looking at holding the fourth pick in the NFL draft, but they traded it last offseason.

The team desperately needs a QB, as neither Andy Dalton nor Jameis Winston worked out. This is where BYU QB Jaren Hall comes into play.

The 6'1" product is intelligent with the football. With only 10 career collegiate interceptions, you'll hardly see Hall make ill-advised throws. He also comes with some rushing upside as he clocked in a 4.48 40-time in high school and good pocket mobility.

However, Hall does come with some concerns. He clearly has the arm talent for the NFL, but sometimes he doesn't use his full lower body. This leads him to look stiff in his pocket.

The other problem with Hall is that he doesn't always read the whole field and sticks to his first read more often than not. This isn't the worst thing ever, as it's common for QBs to be one-read heavy in college. However, Hall will sometimes give a play away with his eyes because he's staring down at his first read.

The other big concern for Hall is the age and rawness of his game. Hall is already 24 years old and will be turning 25 in March. This makes him older or the same age as Trevor Lawrence, Jalen Hurts, and Justin Fields, to name a few. Rookie quarterbacks typically take a long time to develop, and Hall, who is about to turn 25, does not have as much time as other QBs. This doesn't help, considering how much he still has to learn.

Hall has all of the intangibles that scouts and coaches want in an elite NFL QB. He presents a high-ceiling, low-floor prospect. We've seen in recent years teams taking chances on guys with great intangibles and raw ability like Josh Allen and Justin Herbert.

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If the Saints were to take Hall, they would have their work cut out for them, but if developed properly could be an elite QB in this league.