Improvement of Saints offensive line now even more crucial

Ryan Ramczyk, Cesar Ruiz, New Orleans Saints
Ryan Ramczyk, Cesar Ruiz, New Orleans Saints / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

If the New Orleans Saints want to get back to their winning ways, of which they're still doing alright, the main solution is obvious for the Saints success.

The New Orleans Saints have been learning from the school of hard knocks that games are won and lost in the trenches. That being said, the 2-1 start despite the struggles of the offensive line is pretty impressive all things considered. Still, the Saints could easily be 3-0. Fortunately, the season is still very young. 

The thing is though, the offensive line play has to improve. While there is still time, the group has to be ahead of schedule for the Saints. With Derek Carr now out, which we can surmise being due from taking a ton of hits and running for his life, life needs to be made as easy for Jameis Winston (and probably Taysom Hill) as possible. You never want your backup quarterback getting thrown into the lions’ den without a spear, no matter how experienced they may be. 

You add on the fact that Alvin Kamara will look to get back into the swing of things, playing a position where taking a beating is inevitable, particularly for someone as versatile as Kamara, and this point is exacerbated.  

We've known for a while that this offensive line of the New Orleans Saints needs to improve. However, given where we now stand, hopefully this has been a wake-up call, and things get kicked into another gear. If the offense can even get within striking distance of catching up to the defense, then watch out, because this team could be a force down the stretch, especially considering the current landscape of the NFC South. Of course, it all starts, and ultimately ends, with the hogmollies up front on the offensive line.