How are the Saints' odds to win the Super Bowl not worse?

Indianapolis Colts v New Orleans Saints
Indianapolis Colts v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints are 3-7. For most other teams in the NFL, that would put them near the very back of the pack when it came to Super Bowl odds.

Somehow though, the Saints aren't in that category. I mean sure, their odds to win Super Bowl LVII aren't great by any means but they're not as bad as one would expect considering how putrid the team has looked through 10 games this season.

As of this writing, the Saints have +15000 odds to win the Super Bowl. They're ahead of the Falcons, Broncos, Jaguars, Colts, Raiders, Lions, Panthers, Steelers, Bears, and Texans. It's worth noting that two of these teams have defeated the Saints already (Panthers and Steelers) but NOLA managed to defeat the Falcons and Raiders.

Why do people still believe in the Saints?

Now, +15000 odds still means the Saints are a long-shot to win the Super Bowl but it's wild not seeing them with the worst odds after how poorly they've performed under Dennis Allen. Perhaps they're given some leeway here because they play in a garbage division and if they host a playoff game, "anything can happen".

Well, the Falcons and Panthers, two teams who either have the same record as NOLA or a better record, are still given worse odds to win the big game in February. Make it make sense!

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New Orleans has more talent than a lot of the other teams listed but they've underperformed this year. They continue to be favored in games so clearly Vegas knows something about this team that we -- and clearly the team itself -- haven't figured out yet.