History Dive: New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

Tyrann Mathieu, New Orleans Saints
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Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers / Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Stars

Since the Saints are facing a rookie quarterback in Bryce Young on Monday Night Football, let's dive into how the Saints have fared against other rookie quarterbacks.

In 2019, the Saints faced Will Grier and dominated him as he went just 1/8 passing with one interception and took one sack.

We saw Cam Newton in his debut against New Orleans complete 51.6 percent of his passes for 224 yards while scoring two touchdowns and tossing an interception. We saw Jimmy Clausen go 11/21 for 146 yards while tossing one touchdown and taking three sacks in 2010.

Surely there's more, but it feels strange digging beyond 2006 to investigate further.

All in all, the New Orleans Saints fare well against rookie quarterbacks that play in Carolina, so we'll see if that trend continues in 2023.

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