Here’s why the Saints are considered the perfect team for J.J. McCarthy

Michigan quarterback J.J, McCarthy is a polarizing prospect, but one analyst believes he’d be a great fit with the New Orleans Saints.
NFL Combine
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As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, one of the most polarizing prospects is Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy. McCarthy started the last two seasons for the Michigan Wolverines, making a College Football Playoff appearance as a sophomore, and winning a National Championship as a junior. However, despite the team success, McCarthy wasn’t the engine of Michigan’s offense like many top quarterback prospects were for their respective teams.

In 2023, McCarthy attempted just 332 passes, completing 72.3 percent of them for 2,291 yards, 22 touchdowns, and just four interceptions. McCarthy also added 202 rushing yards and three additional touchdowns. However, when compared to other top quarterback prospects like Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Michael Penix Jr., who all threw for more than 3,500 yards, it’s clear that McCarthy doesn’t have the production to compete.

However, it’s not his fault that he played on a championship-winning team. Also, to McCarthy’s credit, when his number was called, he did deliver. But, when it comes to the draft, teams have to ask these questions to make sure they’re getting the right quarterback. J.J. McCarthy is certainly talented, but just how talented is he is the question that NFL teams are asking.

One team who might be debating that question is the New Orleans Saints. It’s no question that the Saints still need to find their quarterback of the future, and one analyst believes that could be McCarthy.

Are the Saints a fit for J.J. McCarthy?

Robert Turbin, the former NFL running back and current analyst for NFL Network, recently explained why he believes New Orleans is the perfect fit for McCarthy. Turbin argued that McCarthy wouldn’t have to play right away, as he’d be able to develop behind Derek Carr. Once the Saints are ready to move on from Carr, McCarthy would be ready to take over.

Beyond that, Turbin believes Klint Kubiak’s pro-style offense is similar to the offense that J.J. McCarthy ran with Jim Harbaugh at Michigan. That would make McCarthy’s transition to the pros easier.

While both are great points, it’s important to ask if McCarthy is a fit for the Saints. More specifically, New Orleans will have to ask if McCarthy is worth drafting at 14. With such a premium pick, the Saints can’t waste it on a quarterback that could possibly become the guy down the line. If McCarthy is available in the second round or later, a selection would make sense. However, at 14, New Orleans needs to address a more pressing need.