Grading Jameis Winston's performance from Week 3 loss to Panthers

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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Sunday was not a good day for Jameis Winston. The New Orleans Saints offense struggled mightily to move the ball down the field and that starts with Winston. He's the quarterback and he failed to do his part until it was too late for a comeback to be had.

On paper, the numbers look decent. Winston finished the day with 353 yards through the air, one touchdown, and two picks. What the numbers don't tell you, however, is how bad Winston struggled throughout most of the day. He had several players wide open for what would have been key first downs but straight up didn't see them and targeted someone else.

These kind of traits are forgivable if it's one game but Winston has been like this through all but one quarter this season. Andy Dalton might not be the answer long-term but Winston sure doesn't look like he is either. Dennis Allen is adamant that he's sticking with Winston but is he willing to hitch his wagon to Winston's if it means his job could be on the line?

What grade does Jameis Winston deserve for his Week 3 performance?

While the 350+ yards look good on paper, a lot of that came in garbage time when the game was already out of reach for this offense. An average offense could have made a game of it but it was clear from the beginning that the NOLA offense wasn't going to have a day where it could score enough points to win the ball game.

Winston is recovering from back fractures and it sucks that he's going through that pain but if he's not feeling good, he shouldn't be playing. It's as simple as that. The Saints signed Andy Dalton for this very reason so why isn't he the one taking the snaps?

I won't completely fail Winston this week because the offensive line also didn't play well and the offense as a whole was sloppy as hell but he's not getting an above average mark from him. Winston gets a D- this week.

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What grade are you giving Jameis Winston for his Week 3 outing?