Grading Andy Dalton's performance from Week 17 win vs Eagles

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints won their seventh game of the season backed by a dominant defense and a nice-enough performance from Andy Dalton. This win was really impressive considering the Saints were going up against the juggernaut that is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dalton didn't play a tremendous game by any means, throwing for 204 yards while completing 18-of-22 passes and an interception. He did enough to get the Saints the win though and at one point, had completed 13-of-13 passes. Oh and this came against the best pass defense in the league.

The second half wasn't as kind to Dalton but it was hard for him to do much with how beat-up the offensive line in front of him was. The o-line was missing three starters and that was all too obvious when seeing that Dalton was sacked six times.

What grade does Andy Dalton deserve for his performance vs Eagles?

Considering how poor the pass-protection was, I'd say Dalton did a pretty good job in this game. He threw one pick and no touchdowns but the interception came at the end of the first half and it was a throw that he probably wouldn't have made had he not completed all 13 of his passes at that point.

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Dalton continued to do what needed to be done and didn't lose his team the game. With that in mind, I'm giving him a B+ for his efforts in this game. What grade are you giving the Red Rifle this week?