Game-by-game predictions for 2023 New Orleans Saints schedule

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Week 13: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints

Jamaal Williams set a franchise record with 17 touchdowns last season for the Detroit Lions and he's going to be amped up to face his old team. He could also be motivated to show up Jamhry Gibbs, who was taken in the first round by the Lions.

Look for Williams to have a career day and top 100 yards with multiple touchdowns. The Lions were one of the more exciting young teams last season but it's harder to win when teams expect you to be good. That plays against them as Williams and the Saints turn this one into a blowout.

Final Score: Saints 36, Lions 17

Week 14: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

New Orleans made it look easy against Carolina in their first meeting and to think that would be the case again this time would be a mistake. Frank Reich is a solid head coach and even though his roster isn't where he wants it to be just yet, he can make adjustments and put together an impressive offensive game plan.

That's what happens here as Reich and the Panthers give New Orleans all they have. The Saints will fight back but in the end, Carolina wins on a last-second field goal.

Final Score: Panthers 27, Saints 24