Game-by-game predictions for 2023 New Orleans Saints schedule

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Week 2: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

Carolina made plenty of moves that will eventually pay off. But in 2023, they're still going to be led by a young quarterback in Bryce Young — and if anyone suggests they sit Young in favor of Andy Dalton, that's really not any better at this point. Dalton is a great mentor for a young signal-caller but as the Saints saw in 2022, he's nothing more than a game-manager at this point.

With all that being said, the Panthers' roster is far from being where it needs to be. Losing D.J. Moore severely limits their passing attack and while Jonathan Mingo could develop into a real weapon, it will take time.

This one belongs to the Saints who hand their rivals a loss in a rather one-sided game.

Final Score: Saints 31, Panthers 16

Week 3: New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers

Just as the Saints are going through a major change under center, so are the Packers. Of course, this one is much closer to what New Orleans went through ahead of the 2021 campaign when they were replacing Drew Brees with Jameis Winston.

Green Bay just traded Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets, which ends an entire offseason full of speculation. With him out, the Packers now have Jordan Love. He's going to lean on the ground game and the Green Bay defense is no joke. They keep it close but the Saints find a way to steal one thanks to Jamaal Williams putting a dagger into one of his former team's hearts.

Final Score: Saints 14, Packers 13