Top five worst free agency signings in Saints history

Brandon Browner, Jarius Byrd, New Orleans Saints
Brandon Browner, Jarius Byrd, New Orleans Saints / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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Jarius Byrd, New Orleans Saints / Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The Saints worst free agency signing: Jarius Byrd - Safety (2014)

The Saints should probably stop signing free agent defensive backs, or at least think long and hard before they do, because their track record isn't exactly sparkling.

Jarius Byrd led the league in interceptions as a rookie safety in 2009, and was a three-time Pro Bowl selection as well as a two-time second-team All-Pro selection as a member of the Buffalo Bills.

He was the seen as arguably the biggest prize in the free agency pool during the 2014 offseason, and the Saints won the sweepstakes to the tune of a six-year $56 million deal including $28 million in guaranteed loot. As you can imagine, it didn't go well.

Byrd only played in four games his first season with the Saints before tearing his meniscus in practice, and never regained his form. He intercepted three passes as a member of the Saints, and that's about where the hits stop coming.

This is the worst free agency signing in the history of the Saints, but it certainly is debatable. Here's to hoping that Carr or whoever else the New Orleans Saints bring into the Big Easy does not end up with the resume that can have them wind up on a future edition of this list.