Top five worst free agency signings in Saints history

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Saints number three worst free agency signing: Albert Connell - Wide Receiver (2001)

We go from a cornerback to the position corners primarily cover on the field, wide receiver. For the number four entry, we revisit the stint of wide receiver Albert Connell.

When the Saints signed the speedster Connell away from Washington to the tune of a five-year $13 million contract in 2001, they thought they were getting the perfect complement to Joe Horn.

What the Saints ended up getting was theft, and we mean that literally.

Connell played in 12 games for the Saints, catching 12 passes in those 12 games for 191 yards, and found the end zone twice. After that wildly mediocre production came the incident.

Connell would be caught via security camera footage stealing around $4,000 from teammate Deuce McAllister in the locker room, and was cut from the team as a result of the robbery. Perhaps rather unsurprisingly, Connell never played in the NFL again after the incident. However, he did play two seasons in the Canadian Football League with the Calgary Stampeders.

Connell not only stole money from McAllister, but the Saints organization given the return on investment (if you want to even call it that) they got. This one will forever live in infamy in the history of the Saints.