Top five worst free agency signings in Saints history

Brandon Browner, Jarius Byrd, New Orleans Saints
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Saints number four worst free agency signing: Jason David - Cornerback (2007)

Spoiler alert, Jason David will be far from the last defensive back you'll see in this little presentation.

After winning Super Bowl XLI as a member of the Indianapolis Colts at the conclusion of the 2006 season, the Saints signed David to a four-year deal worth $15.6 million during the 2007 offseason. The kicker here is, the Saints also had to give up a fourth-round draft pick to boot as David was an unrestricted free agent and the Colts declined to match the Saints offer.

That should have been the red flag right there that maybe this wasn't the guy to bring in to fix the secondary.

After Peyton Manning cooked his former teammate when the Saints played the Colts, David's production never recovered. As a result, the Saints let him go after two seasons. Sure, he did intercept eight passes in those two seasons, but that doesn't justify the singing at all. The bad far outweighed the good here.

The Saints history of signing defensive backs via free agency is, shall we say, "checkered." The signing of David has become something of a joke around Saints fans, but make no mistake about it, nobody was laughing at the time.