Top five free agency signings in New Orleans Saints history

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Number four free agency signing in Saints history: Jabari Greer - Cornerback (2009)

When the Saints signed former Buffalo Bills cornerback Jabari Greer in 2009, he would become a key part of the defense that helped power the Saints to a victory in Super Bowl XLIV, their first and only in franchise history.

The thing was, his impact on the team was cut short that regular season due to injury, but he would return come playoff time and become a factor in a major way. This trend would continue as Greer would become a postseason ball hawk, in the Saints subsequent playoff runs in 2010 and 2011.

Unfortunately, Greer's career would be cut short thanks to a nasty ACL tear against the San Francisco 49ers during the 2013 season. The Saints would have to release the injured corner as more of a salary casualty, but Greer would ultimately decide it was better if he called it a career, announcing his decision during an appearance on EPSN.

It really is a shame that injuries derailed a very promising, and already solid career. If not for that poor luck from the injury gods, Greer may have ranked even higher on this list, despite the stiff competition.

With that said, let's turn to the offensive side of the football.