Last Chance Who Dat Nation! $200 Bonus Offer on $5 San Francisco-Kansas City Bet Expires Today


Saints fans might already be thinking about the offseason, but there's going to be something much more exciting to pay attention to tonight.

The biggest game of the season is also the biggest betting event of the year, and sportsbooks have all put forth their best offers for any new users looking to wager on today's Chiefs-49ers matchup.

That includes FanDuel Sportsbook offering a huge $200 bonus on just a $5 wager, which will expire tonight. Here's how to claim your offer before it's too late.

FanDuel Louisiana Promo: How to Claim $200 Bonus

  1. Sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook (use this link and you won't need a promo code)
  2. Deposit (you must put at least $10 into your account for the bonus to unlock)
  3. Bet on the game (a $5 moneyline wager on either team)
  4. Get $200 if you win (if your wager wins you automatically receive a $200 bonus on top of your usual cash winnings)

It's a pretty straightforward offer, but just to make sure you don't miss out, let me clarify those potential hiccups that could cause you to miss out:

  • Don't delay: This offer expires at midnight. After that, it's too late and you'll have missed out.
  • Deposit $10+: Even though you only need to bet $5, you won't qualify for the offer if your deposit is less than $10
  • $5 moneyline wager: You can place all the bets you want on the big game, but make sure one of them is a moneyline wager of at least $5. Your first qualifying ($5+ moneyline) bet is the one the bonus will be attached to, so that will be the one that decides whether you win your bonus.

Explaining FanDuel's Chiefs-49ers Moneyline Odds

Let's take a closer look at those moneyline odds to give new bettors a better idea of what they mean.

San Francisco is the favorite at -130 and Kansas City is the underdog at +110. Those odds mean that a $130 bet on the favorite (with "minus odds") would return $100 in winnings. A $100 bet on Kansas City with underdog "plus odds" would return a $110 payout.

Those odds also mean this game is expected to be very close. When we do a little quick math to remove the extra edge the sportsbooks leave themselves, the odds imply a roughly 54% chance San Francisco wins and a 46% chance Kansas City wins.

If you believe the odds, that makes San Fran the better choice to unlock your $200 — since they're more likely to win. But in a matchup this close, you can't go wrong applying the bonus to either side.

Get an Additional $508 Guaranteed: Bet365, DraftKings & BetMGM Promos

Already have a FanDuel account? Or maybe $200 isn't enough for you, and you'd like to get an extra $508 for betting $15 more?

Bet365, DraftKings Sportsbook and BetMGM are all offering bonuses that are very similar to FanDuel's. Only these ones are even easier to claim — they are guaranteed bonuses, meaning they pay out whether your bet wins or loses.

Like FanDuel, these books are going all-in on the big game, so these offers will expire soon. Sign up now so you don't miss out!