Falcons embarrassing offseason gets worse with latest NFL ruling

Oh Falcons...
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

As New Orleans Saints fans, it's our duty to dunk on the Atlanta Falcons whenever they do something stupid. It turns out that the Falcons organization has done a lot of stupid stuff this offseason, including tampering to sign a soon-to-be 36-year-old quarterback coming off an Achilles injury and giving him a ridiculous amount of money.

The Falcons signed Kirk Cousins in the offseason to a massive contract worth $180 million and yeah, as I mentioned, he tore his Achilles last year and is turning 36 in August. Not only that but it's Kirk freaking Cousins we're talking about here, not Drew Brees or Tom Brady. Tampering for either of those guys would have been understandable (just ask the Miami Dolphins) but for Kirk Cousins? You can't help but laugh.

Well, the punishment is in for the Falcons now when it comes to their obvious tampering and they'll be docked a fifth-round pick plus stuck with paying some fines.

Falcons continue to embarass themselves and Saints fans love it

Mind you, the Falcons did all of this for Cousins when they went on to spend their first-round pick on Michael Penix Jr. (and reaching on him in the process). Why jump through all of those hoops to sign an older quarterback coming off a major injury when you're going to just draft a quarterback in the first round anyway?

Hey, let the Falcons do all the crazy crap they want. It's entertaining for Saints fans, that's for sure. Let's hope all of these decisions blow up in the Falcons' faces and they continue to be a mess for another several years (or decades).