Drew Brees weighs in on what Saints should do to replace Pete Carmichael

No, he didn't recommend himself for the job.
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The Drew Brees era of New Orleans Saints football didn't end all that long ago but it feels like it's been decades. The Saints offense has struggled since Brees left and then, to make matters worse, Sean Payton retired, took a year off, and is now coaching in Denver.

Despite the Saints bringing Derek Carr in this past offseason, the offense still had its fair share of struggles. While things started clicking in the final few weeks, by that point it was too late for the team to make the playoffs or win their division.

Brees spoke to WDSU about what the Saints need to find in their next offensive coordinator. He noted that if the Saints want to build their team around Carr, they need to give the quarterback input on the offense that he's running. He also said that the team needs to select an offensive coordinator that plays to Carr's strengths. Pete Carmichael was clearly not that kind of offensive coordinator.

"You want to have a system that fits your quarterback. If you're building this thing around Derek Carr, he has to have input."

Drew Brees

Brees: "[Derek Carr] has to have input [on the offense]."

Brees knows a thing or two about running a successful offense so the Saints should listen to him here. Carr didn't have the kind of season that Who Dat Nation was expecting from him after the team signed him to a lofty four-year deal worth $150 million. Now that Carmichael is no longer with the team, the Saints have to find someone who is going to work well with Carr and let him help run the offense.

Brees also spoke on Saints fans booing the offense this season and he put it well. He said that Saints fans are used to watching a good team and when they're not seeing that, they're naturally going to be frustrated. He didn't seem to think it was a big deal.

Saints fans reacted positively to what Brees was saying, noting that he gave a no bull crap answer and this team needs that. It's hard to argue with that logic.