5 dream draft targets for Saints to build unstoppable offense around Derek Carr

The New Orleans Saints haven’t been unstoppable since Drew Brees retired. Here are a few players they could draft to make their offense unstoppable again.
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1. Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

If Brock Bowers fell to pick 14 then he would instantly elevate the Saints offense. Most of the top-tier NFL offenses have an elite tight end. Brock Bowers could be that player for the Saints. Juwan Johnson would still have a big role but with their new system, the Saints are likely to employ multiple tight end sets.

Bowers dominated at Georgia for his collegiate career. He is an elite receiver, especially in the screen game. After he catches the ball, it usually takes multiple defenders to be able to bring him down. He runs through arm tackles and dodges tackles from bad angles. 

Klint Kubiak is likely to input a lot of motion into the Saints offense. Bowers is amazing in motion. He can cause mismatches or be used as a very successful decoy. Simply put, Brock Bowers would thrive in a Kubiak-style offense.

For his size, Bowers is a pretty good blocker. He will at times struggle against a defensive end, but that shouldn’t be surprising, he won’t be in that position very much. He can eliminate a defender from the play. On film, that is seen multiple times whether it’s in the run game or the screen game.

If the Saints can find Brock Bowers in this year’s NFL draft he would take this offense to a new level. He would thrive in the scheme that Klint Kubiak is likely to bring to New Orleans.