5 dream draft targets for Saints to build unstoppable offense around Derek Carr

The New Orleans Saints haven’t been unstoppable since Drew Brees retired. Here are a few players they could draft to make their offense unstoppable again.
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3. Malachi Corley, WR, Western Kentucky

As previously mentioned, the wide receiver position needs some help for the Saints next year. Malachi Corley, out of Western Kentucky, would immediately help their depth. Corley would have a specific role, one that could replicate, to an extent, what Deebo Samuel does in San Francisco.

Corley played running back at Western Kentucky before making the switch over to wide receiver. Klint Kubiak, who just came from the 49ers system, could see Corley as that Deebo Samuel-type player. He can do a little bit of everything and can add a dynamic to the Saint's offense that would make it tough for defenses to compete with.

Last year at Western Kentucky, Corley had 79 receptions for 985 yards and 11 touchdowns. Corley’s stats are good but that's not what pops out. According to PFF, 42 of his catches were screens, which ranked him second in college football. He also gained 330 yards on them which ranked him first among all receivers.

In college football, his nickname was the “YAC King” (Yards After Catch). After he catches the ball he is extremely dynamic with it and is tough to bring down. Blocking is another thing that Corley does well. In that 49ers system, a blocking WR was necessary for that offense to thrive. Malachi Corley would fit into the Saints offense next year perfectly and would add a whole new dynamic to it.